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The short pitch: join me, a bookseller and young writer, in thinking through culture aloud in a way that’s rigorous and wide-ranging. Expect to read words on books and language, technology and memes, TV and visual art. I’ve been reading lots of contemporary theory, and I’m working hard to integrate it into accessible prose — that’s how I best understand things myself.

The premise underlying this project: It’s worth paying close attention to the objects and experiences that define our lives, and it’s worth considering how they might be different.

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Or don’t. This is a newsletter, but not a letter of news — it’s more a repository for observations and inquiries, essays and mini-reviews. Some will be timely, but most will not. The writing worth reading doesn’t have an expiration date. Read an earlier post that catches your eye instead of the latest.

Past issues have covered:

  • Vigdis Hjorth’s 2016 novel Will and Testament, Knausgård, narrative (Sintext IX)

  • Franco “Bifo” Berardi, and trying on theory like clothes (Sintext VIII)

  • Raymond Williams together with screenshots, TikToks, and memes (Sintext VII)

  • The word intractable plus other impending disasters we’re ignoring (Sintext VI)

  • Mike Bloomberg’s memes and an 18th-century British painting (Sintext V)

  • Hegemonic caps and Oriana Tang’s wisdom on US-China discourse (Sintext IV)

  • Scary AIs, privacy, and Gretchen McCulloch’s Because Internet (Sintext III)

  • Kony 2012 and why utopian thinking matters (Sintext II)

  • Anna Wiener’s Uncanny Valley and Noam Chomsky’s emails (Sintext I)

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I try to publish every two weeks. Sometimes I’ll take a month between issues.

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Join a community of people that (in theory) consists of the overlap between people I shared this link with and strangers who, thanks to the improbable connectivity of the internet, found their way here.

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